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We replaced 5.5 miles of natural gas lines near Highway 10/Highway 61 and replacing regulator stations and valves in Cottage Grove and St. Paul Park for the South Washington Natural Gas Project. Construction activities were completed in public rights-of-way and easements on private properties.

Construction began in spring 2021 and was completed in fall 2022.

This work is our commitment to system revitalization, allowing us to continue to provide you safe, reliable service. It will support community growth and enhance resiliency during extreme weather.

Construction Overview

We will install the natural gas lines in two ways.

  • Open trenching involves digging a trench and placing the line in the trench.
  • Boring uses a bore machine to create an underground pathway through which the line is pulled or drilled.

Before placing natural gas lines into a trench or bore, sections of pipe are welded together and inspected by x-ray. Click here to see a graphic of open trenching and boring construction processes.

We will notify landowners, businesses and residents prior to the start of construction.

Construction activities in 2021 occurred in the following areas:

  • Between the intersections of 100th Street and Miller Road and of 96th Street and West Point Douglas Road.
  • West Point Douglas Road between 96th Street and Belden Boulevard.
  • Hadley/Hastings Avenue between Belden and Scott boulevards.
  • East Point Douglas Road, between East Point Douglas Lane and 90th Street.
  • 90th Street, between Indahl Avenue and East Point Douglas Road.
  • East Point Douglas Road, between Atkinson Cemetery and 80th Street.

Construction activities in 2022 will take place in the following areas:

  • East Point Douglas Road, between 90th Street and Atkinson Cemetery.
  • Belden Boulevard between West Point Douglas Road and Hadley/Hastings Avenue.
  • Hastings Avenue between Scott Boulevard and 1st Street.
  • 8th Avenue between Hastings and Portland avenues.
  • Portland Avenue between Broadway and 8th avenues.

Please note that construction schedules are subject to change.

Construction and Restoration

During construction, you may notice:

  • Marking of utility lines and utility survey holes.
  • Road and sidewalk closures.
  • Traffic control.
  • Parking restrictions.
  • Potential access changes.
  • Construction noise.

We work to reduce construction-related inconveniences and will temporarily restore work areas following natural gas line installation. Final restoration will occur when conditions allow.

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